The Chapstick Kid (1wickedboy) wrote,
The Chapstick Kid

Viva Gaydar!

"Let me ask you this," says Mom, as if she's offering a proposition of some sort over greasy omelettes at Churchill's, like it's a business meeting. She poses the question slowly, like game show host trivia. "Do gay people know when someone else is gay?"

I try not to laugh, but I'm sure my chair tilts a bit. "Um, usually." I too am speaking slowly.

"Is there a sign, or something? Like drug dealers?"
That gets a laugh. "No, no. It's more of an... intuitive thing, you know, gaydar. And sometimes we're wrong. But, yeah, no, there's no 'sign,' really."

"I ask because when I worked at Ozark Fitness, this woman was hitting on me. And I was telling my manager about it and he said, 'You know, I've never been hit on by a man.' And I told him, 'A man would be too afraid to take the risk. You don't appear to be gay. 6'5", 275 pounds."

"Yeah, wait 'til he gets to prison."
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