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Work, exhausting. And I hit a cat with my car this morning whilst commuting. That's the second one this month. I think it's some sort of omen. This one was awful, though, because it felt as if I was hunting it down, the way it was running down the middle of my lane, parallel to the yellow lines. "What the fuck is that?" I wondered groggily, and then a light thump beneath me and I realized it was a calico cat. Terrible, just terrible. I'm only thankful it wasn't a lost child.

Went to visit Dhara in her new apartment last night. It's the kind of apartment you want to be photographed in for the cover of your emo band's first album, all nicotine yellow and completely tiled with vintage furnishings . Adorable. Except the neighbor kids frighten me, these ten year olds cursing in the yard like Colin Ferrell. "Maybe you could buy weed from them," I told Dhara.

I'm losing my ambition. A little bit more every day. It's like I'm constantly being kicked in the stomach and can't stand up. And I don't know if I can fight back to save myself. But I want to save myself. But from what? Life has been really beautiful as of late, even though I feel myself going nowhere ever. I'm just really glad I'm not so lonely anymore.
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