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Well rested after a six hour nap last night left me incapable of going out. Woke up at 10:30, read The Hanged Man, was back to sleep by 1am. Up today at nine. Ready for Tiff's party this evening. And Nakato's with the ole parental units. Mmm... Japanese food sounds gooood, even if it is in the company of ma and pa.

Thursday night, went out with Shana and Alyson to the Burgundy Room for Mz. Kara's birthday party. She looked lovely and drunk and happy. Didn't stay for long though, as there was another party to track down. We actually spent more time looking for it than we did enjoying it. Lots of really unfriendly people that I didn't happen to notice drinking (this could be, though, that I was already drunk upon arrival and didn't really care to look for booze).

Tonight should be fun. I'm bringing my "Hello My Name Is..." badges. I'm going to be Captain Notorious.

I know. Geek.

Sorry this is rushed--I really need to bathe!
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