The Chapstick Kid (1wickedboy) wrote,
The Chapstick Kid

If Cheech and Chong had a band, would you join?

Excited. Nervous. About the possible prospect of a band.

Finally called about the ad I've walked by at the Mudhouse for well over a month. Maybe two. It disappeared for a while, got revised, and now it's up again. So I called, as part of one of my New Year's resolutions.

This guy Craig, the bassist, has been "jamming out" with several people, he said. He's looked at about eight guitarists, none of which he's felt are quite versatile enough. But he thinks he and the drummer and the saxophonist have settled on one. (Yes, I too find it strange that they have a sax in the band.) I want to enter as lyricist/vocalist. Craig said that about 80 percent of the stuff they've come up with has no lyrics or vocals. I go to audition with him on Monday. Excited. Nervous. Very nervous. I'm not yet sure what I can bring to the table, especially if they're influenced heavily by stuff like jazz, folk, oldies, '80s new wave. I'm quoting all this from the flier. It seems to me like they're headed in a jazzy direction what with the sax and such. I dunno. I'm rambling. Excited. I have to try. I want a band. I have to find out what I'm capable of in such an environment. Something else that worries me: This Craig fellow sounds like Tommy Chong over the telephone. And he has a child. Like a baby. I could hear it crying and he said, "I have a son by the way." And he says "Man" a lot, the way guys in bands do. I'm sure he'll turn out to be a middle aged burnout with a fu manchu.


Yesterday at work, I went out for a cigarette and when I came back in I said, "There's a patch of black ice outside the back door. Be careful. I nearly busted my ass."
Danielle replied, "You be careful Jeff! Did they try to gang up on you?"

"Black ice, Danielle!" I exclaimed. "Not black guys!"

Ohhh. The rednecks.
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